How Do You Start a Blog on WordPress?

When you start a blog on WordPress you join a huge world of bloggers and entrepreneurs – and you just might end up blogging for a living like them too!

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10 Steps to Start a Blog on WordPress (Self Hosted Blog)

Here is the easy do it yourself way to start a blog on WordPress. Total time: about 3 hours

  1. Decide on a topic – what you’ll write about and a niche, an existing corner of the web where your topic is discussed already
  2. Choose a web host – where your WordPress blog (or website) will live, like a new home
  3. Choose a domain name – your blog’s address on the web, a .com, .net, or .org is ideal
  4. Register everything – most web hosts (like HostGator, the one we use) will offer you discounted domain name and hosting packages
  5. Check your email – get your login details from your new web host and login to your customer portal or cpanel
  6. Install – using modern 1 click WordPress installer tools, install WordPress, all without any coding or hands on tech stuff
  7. Login to WordPress – receive your login link after install, change password if you’d, then login and have a look around
  8. Choose a theme – navigate to Appearance > Themes where you’ll find thousands of free templates and new looks, called Themes in WordPress, easily made ready for your use
  9. Start blogging – with your new look, go to Posts and write a new blog post, hit Publish, and watch as a few new visitors trickle in.
  10. Launch! – once you have at least 3 posts live with a few comments (it’s okay to ask your friends and family for shares, comments and likes at first) announce your launch to the rest of the world using guest blogging, email marketing, live events or other forms of advertising.

Once you create a blog you’ll realize these steps fall into place, often times easily and right after one and another.

How Much is

When you set up a self hosted blog there are some costs you’ll need to factor in. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

  1. Domain name: $5-15/year
  2. Hosting: $3-10/month
  3. Software: FREE
  4. Themes: $20-70

The amount you spend boils down to the web host you choose and the packages you select. Your domain name and hosting are the home base of your blogging operation and as such, it’s important to choose them with care. We recommend, where you can get deals like domain names for $5.99 and hosting for 50% off.

Using the video below, you can make a blog on WordPress for under $50.

Video on How to Create a Blog for Beginners


Forum for Beginners who Have Questions During Blog Set Up

start a blog on wordpress forum

You can always get help to start a blog on WordPress at The WordPress Experience. Just click on our Forums tab to find other people asking similar questions as they build with WordPress and learn how to run a self hosted WordPress blog.

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