Set Up a GoDaddy Website – 2017

Did you register a domain name at GoDaddy? Are you about to register your perfect domain name? Making a website can be difficult and take forever, especially when you put it off 🙂 In this tutorial you’ll learn how to set up a GoDaddy website quickly and inexpensively.

The steps are:

  1. Register domain name: You ideally want to throw 1-3 keywords in your domain name. These keywords are just words people search for in Google, which are also popular and super relevant in your niche. 1 keyword is often times enough. Using keywords helps get organic traffic from Google right when you launch, which we need, because most of us don’t have the brand marketing power of a “Twitter” or “YouTube” right off the bat.
  2. Choose a hosting provider (HostGator): You can use GoDaddy, but as they focus on domain names it’s recommended to choose another host for the best support on this important website feature. We use HostGator, slightly cheaper in the long run too!
  3. Connect domain and hosting: Login to GoDaddy and enter the nameservers sent to you from your hosting provider of choice.
  4. Login to hosting provider: Login to hosting provider, find the 1-click WordPress install. So while you need both the domain and hosting to install WordPress, the installation itself is done at the host. Your host gives you storage space, and you’re putting WordPress onto that space.
  5. Install WordPress: Within the 1 click WordPress install, choose your domain name from the list, enter some basic admin info install WordPress onto it.
  6. Create a website that gets results: Now you take the reigns (but our videos cover everything if you’d like to set up our specific demo websites or blogs). Install a new free or premium WordPress theme, add posts and pages, logo, menus, connect Facebook, Google Analytics and Adsense, the possibilities really are infinite once you start building and growing your audience.

Total Tutorial Costs:

Domain name: <$15/year from GoDaddy

Web hosting: <$3/month from HostGator for the Hatchling plan. For 1 year (12 months) the total is $31. software: Free

Theme: North Theme by Site Origin, Free

Grand Total: <$50!

Not only does this tutorial make GoDaddy website setup easy, but you’ll learn a ton of WordPress skills in the process to launch ahead of other beginner bloggers and website designers. We’ve helped over 5,000 beginners learn how to make a blog or website and are here for you too. Let me know any questions as you prepare your website and start building!

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