How To Post

If you’re new here I get it a random forum seems weird.

But it’s not that random 🙂

I’ve helped over 3000 people start blogs and websites and my mission every day is to find you answers to questions that come up along the way. I created this forum for you to have a place to get answers too.

To post simply:

  1. Think of a username, then register it
  2. Check your email for your password, then login
  3. Click Forums
  4. Choose the forum you’d like
  5. Scroll down and Create New Topic. You can create as many new topics as you’d like!
  6. Wait for someone to answer within 24 hrs (or like 30 minutes in an ideal world).

I hope you enjoy it and please email me if you have any questions or issues getting setup. I’ll see ya soon on the inside along with 1189 other members.

This forum is free. All I ask is that you share it with your friends if you think they might need some WordPress help.

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  1. EC

    Hey Greg,
    Thanks so much for your video tutorial. It was absolutely terrific and very generous of you to help all of us clueless newbies out there!
    One quick question (for now, anyway): on the website you made, your posts are excerpts of you’re full posts which appear on another page. I did not use the theme you used but selected Penscratch. My first post is all on my first page. Is there an easy way for me to just have excerpts instead of the entire Post on the first page? I looked everywhere but could not find a control to make that happen. Should I just select another theme?

    Again my thanks, ECintheOC

  2. ednu

    Hi Greg,
    First of all thank you your wordpress step-by -step video on youtube, it is really helpful for anyone who wants to build a website.
    Now my website is running but when I go to the Dashboard, it shows that there are updates of Vantage Theme “You have version 1.5.4 installed. Update to 1.5.5.”.
    if I click on Update, shall I not lose some of my customization?

    1. gnarayan

      Thank you Ednu. You can update Vantage without losing customizations. It will save your content. You will however lose changes in Appearance > Editor if you wrote in new code in those files. Be careful with that.

      You can also install WordPress Automatic Updates plugin thru your dashboard so you don’t have to worry about updates 🙂

      1. ednu

        Thank you Greg, done the Vantage theme update, the “SiteOrigine Theme” appeared on the footer. I got rid of it the way you explain on the video.
        How can I set the WordPress Automatic Updates plugin on the Dashboard?

        Thanks again.

      2. ednu

        i am trying to install Yoast SEO and I get this message on the Yoast Dasboard :” Yoast SEO Dashboard

        Problems (1)
        We have detected the following issues that affect the SEO of your site.

        You still have the default WordPress tagline, even an empty one is probably better. You can fix this in the customizer.”

        How can I remove/deactivate the WordPress default tagline?

      3. ednu

        Sorry Greg,
        ignore my last post, I managed to add a tagline.

  3. LadyRoseLives

    Greg – I got the Yoast SEO plug in you recommended and it fixed the problem I had with the feature photo not showing when a post was shared. But, on the last couple of posts that I made, I am getting this issue of “Readability needs improvement?” Do you know what this means? How or what do I do to improve?

    1. gnarayan

      Hi! So glad we got the featured photos to work on social media shares.

      I found a really good blog post by Yoast on improving readability

      Basically this means Yoast thinks you could structure your posts better to get people (and Google) to read the whole thing. Seems like short sentences and clear titles/headers are where I’d start though you might already have those.

      I’m using it too in this screenshot. Below your post click readability then try to get all the green lights showing up. Useful stuff…have fun!

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