Elementor Page Builder: WordPress Page Builder Plugin Review

How I first found Elementor: We are waiting for Chris so we can get to the bottom of this story! It’s a great find.

Reasons to use Elementor: completely free, comes with a drag and drop page builder which includes all the elements you need to create a website, light weight and has a fast runtime, pro version is available which is recommended, to test it out you can get the free version which has no expiration date, once mastered you can get the pro version.

Advantages: One of the advantages of Elementor are the extra extensions which can be added to make it more powerful. Elementor settings can be found right underneath WordPress settings. Not too many changes need to be applied out of the box. Another benefit of using Elementor is the speed and light weight.

Reasons it beats other page builders: It’s got many of the features of a premium page builder (think Cornerstone or Visual Composter) but is 100% free to use.

To edit a page using Elementor: To edit a web page is simple just click Elementor button and it will take you to a drag and drop page. All actions can be done on this screen.

A list of widgets will include: Video images, columns, buttons, icon list, progress bar, testimonials, social icons, counter, tabs, accordion, HTML code and much more. All widgets can be modified and styled according to your needs. Also available is the functionality to include imbedded media. If drag and drop is not your thing, Elementor allows you to code everything from the backend.

Templates in Elementor save you time: With Elementor you also have the option to style and create posts via drag and drop. A new functionality added to the latest version is the template which allows you to create and re-use.

Integrates with most WordPress themes: One of the advantages of Elementor is the compatibility to integrate with most WordPress themes. Another highlight is the capability to be used with any available SEO plug ins without any issues.

Conclusion: There are more advantages to Elementor. One being the generosity of the developers in sharing their knowledge and skills completely free. Overall, Elementor is the best choice when it comes to page builder plugins available at the time.

Plugin website: https://elementor.com/

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