6 Common WordPress Issues With Quick Fix Solutions

This guide was created primarily for beginners using WordPress. At some point, all of us WordPress users will experience site issues. In these instances, we can become frustrated as we search for solutions. For many beginners, it is often difficult to even know what the problem is. This guide addresses six commonly known issues that can arise. Included are quick fix solutions. They should help assist you in rapidly getting your website running smoothly again!

I’ve included in this guide helpful articles from the blog at Dear Blogger. Additionally, I have provided here some video tutorials from Greg’s YouTube channel.

What will you learn?

(1)  You don’t see your changes. (2) Common causes and solutions for when your site is not working right. (3) Permalink issues. What are permalinks? Why are they important? (4) Blog post images don’t share properly to Facebook. (5) WordPress site is slow and how you can speed it up. (6) Your WorPress gets hacked.

Who should read this?

Anyone who uses WordPress as their blogging platform.

Can I promise that if you read and follow this guide that your site will be fixed?

Though I would love to say yes, I must say no! I simply can’t promise you that your issue is one of the commonly known ones or that it is listed here in this guide. So why should you read this? Because it is more than likely that what you are experiencing is a common issue. It is best to start with the common issues first in determining what the problem is. Especially since any of these commonly known issues are easiest to fix.

If you still can’t figure it out.

Remember that we are always here to help you in the forum. Calling your web-hosting provider is a good idea too! If you are with HostGator, I think you will find them quite supportive and helpful.

You spend time making changes to your site. You’ve saved and published. Eager now to see the changes you made. However, you discover with disappointment that they aren’t showing up. Sound familiar?

Quick Fix Solution: Clear Browser Cache.

WordPress Not Changing? Clear Your Browser Cache or Turn Caching Off (Blog Post)
Clear or Delete Browser Cache in Chrome (video tutorial)
To Clear Cache From Other Browsers (wikihow.com)

Nothing deters visitors more than a slow website. There are several things you can do to improve the speed of your site. The causes are usually fairly easy to fix once you know what to do.

Quick Solution: Best thing to do here is watch the short tutorial below. Greg will help you understand how to improve your site loading speed.

Permalinks are a very important part of any WordPress blog. They should be properly set before launching a new blog. What are permalinks? In simple terms, they are permanent URLs of your blog posts and pages.

Quick Fix Solution: Be sure to have your permalinks set properly. To Understand more about permalinks and how to manipulate and simplify them…see both Greg’s tutorial and blog post below.

To learn how to change permalink structure see blog post;
Manipulate And Simplify Blog Post URLs (also called permalinks)

There are many common causes to your website acting up and just not working right. Sometimes it is difficult narrowing down the issues. The problems can range from something simple to more serious. Often starting with addressing common causes first is the best place to begin solving this issue.

Quick fix solutions: Make sure all plugins, theme, WordPress is consistently updated.  Deactivating and even sometimes deleting plugins one by one and re-adding them one at a time will enable you to determine which one is causing a site conflict.

What are plugins? (See blog post and video below)

What Exactly Are WordPress Plugins And How Do You Use Them?

See point 3, 4, and 5 in the blog post below to learn more about how to use the Yoast WordPress Plugin
5 Beginner SEO Tasks After You Make a Blog

My Site Was Hacked: How to Prevent WordPress Hacks (Blog Post)

What’s next?

Have you experienced these issues on your site/blog?

Do you still have major concerns about how your site is performing, or just want to shout hooray that you fixed it?

Go for it, and if I’ve missed any common issues you think need a quick answer, drop a note about them in the comments to help others currently reading through this!

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