Chris Mahn

Chris was born in El Salvador raised in Houston, TX. His youth was spent mostly being a rebel. While working in fast food and retails from age 16-25, Chris fell in love with heavy metal and rock music. To pay the bills, Chris joined an importing and distributing company where been working for about 10 years doing everything from logistics to sales. But curiosity struck and it got Chris in to computers. It all started doing simple virus removals on friend and personal computer, then before he knew it he met a wonderful lady who introduced me to YouTube and the amazing knowledge and sharing power that it holds.

In last 2-years been studying system administration, linux systems and bash scripting. Of course, he started his own youtube channel on linux and coding, he created some websites for fun with only css, html5 and javascript. So he basically knows a good chunk of everything.

Finally, Chris started learning WordPress and Joomla to develop websites. He stuck with WordPress because of the community! Now Chris loves the concept of open-source and sharing, and being a hippie at heart would like to contribute and help in anyway possible.

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